Our amazing line up of professional hoop teachers  features some the very best the hoop community can offer…from Finland to Woking, Bournemouth to Bristol, performers and artists…your London Hoop Fest 2014 teachers are here to help you feel even more connected, enthralled and inspired by the humble hula hoop!


Chi Chi Revolver and Miriam King

Chi Chi is a Guinness World Record holder for hula hooping and has studied Circus and Clowning Arts all her life! She began her performance career working with ‘Ziz Ziz Kaboom!’ Circus at the age of three and since then has performed regularly all over the world! With a body covered in some of the most beautiful tattoos we have ever seen, combined with stunning pin-up looks and a playful, ‘child of the circus’ attitude, Chi Chi, is, quite simply a spectacularly skilled siren! And, to add a cherry on top of the Chi Chi ice cream, Miriam King, her highly experienced dance teacher Mother will uniting to create a class exclusively for London Hoop Fest.

Mim (Miriam) is an internationally acclaimed artist, regularly performing live outside of the UK and her award winning dance film work has been screened worldwide from the Lincoln Centre/ New York , Pompidou Centre/Paris, ICA/London, to the Venice Bienale and at the Sydney Opera House, Australia .  As an artist, her constant objective is to create sensitive and accessible work that reveals a strong and emotive visual image.  By exploring the myriad aspects surrounding ‘communication’ through dance, choreography, live art, and filmmaking her work often begins from an “island” of isolation, where I/we are separate and apart, with a need to be “met”, and through the work a meeting is made, a joining, and a resolution. A potent yet subtle connection is what she hopes to create in a communication, a connection, not only to people but also place, environment, life.

With Mim and Chi Chi, we hope to bring you something totally unique to a hula hoop event, where you will be encouraged to think and move outside the box, the circle and the space!This will be where you can really learn to fuse hoop with dance from two people utterly dedicated to their craft.

Their workshop will not be focussing on how to perfect a trick or routine, but to bring you the opportunity ‘to play’, to escape the restrictions of right or wrong. This playful yet focused session through tasks, games and suggestions, will invite the participant to free up, be in the moment, allowing space to listen and to RESPOND to what the body ‘needs’, rather than what the head ‘requests’.


                                                      Henna Matanuska & Sami Babi Henkoski

Henna Matanuska and Sami Babi Introduce you to CirQmnasticDance world!

This workshop is a combination of circus, gymnastics and dance.  With their own fun and creative ways, you will explore your work with hoop, body and partner.  But don´t worry if you don´t have a regular partner, this is single friendly too ;) or, make friends and create a CirQmnasticDance partnership!

Open your mind and jump in to CirQmnasticDance!

Livi Hoop Little

Livi has been playing with hoops and other juggling toys for 6 years, performing in 4 continents, festivals and events in the UK, as well as teaching countless workshops for all ages. Always looking to explore and expand her interaction between the hoop, music, movement and play- Smiles are always inside the hoop for her. Livi has an organic and technical hooping style, and a background in dance.  Add working for Performers Without Borders and children around the world and you get a completely original mix of performance, tricks and workshops styles to suit everyone!


Bree Kirk-Burnnand (Miss B B Hoops)

Miss B B Hoops is a World Record Holding Hula Hooper!! Having picked up the hoop for the first time in 2012 her progress has been phenomenal. This adorable performer has hooped her way all around Europe, Australia and even India. She has found her way into Kensington Palace, The International Street Fest in Italy, Fashion Events for Mary Portas and performed in front of thousands at Bestival!! As one of Marawa’s Majorettes she has learnt from the best and even performed hula hoop on roller skates at the opening of Skate Kings Cross!!!! She has thrown in her day job, going from Accountant to Professional Hula Hooper and now runs Happy Healthy Hoop teaching HoopFit in London!

Miss B B Hoops will be bringing us all together for a glorious group routine! Whether you are a beginner or an advanced hooper you will find this workshop super fun and energetic. Miss B B Hoops is full of tips and tricks that will have you hooping like a professional in no time!


Amy HoopLovin’ Guerrier

 Amy is a teacher and ever-growing and expanding multiple hoop artist. Amy HoopLovin performs across the UK and has been teaching Hoop Dance and specialized workshops for the last 2 years nationally and internationally.

Expect laughter, games, discoveries, revelations, fun, more laughing and more revelations. She is a huge fan of multiple hooping so will be sharing some of her favourite moves, tricks and tips using 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and perhaps even more hoops! She will be teaching you the foundations of how to excel at hooping and will be demonstrating how our own self-talk plays a very big part in our development as well as using hooping ‘drills’ and various other techniques that have helped her massively and will help you continue on your journey into TOTAL AWESOMENESS!


Gayle Francis

Gayle Francis hails from the ‘Bristol Hoop Massive’ and will be teaching us an ‘Assortment of Hoop Tricks’!  Gayle will be teaching mainly double hoop moves, mostly ones she has discovered through other prop manipulation (i,e poi, staff etc), or just simply stumbled upon through hours of hoop play!  She will be concentrating the class on moves that look trippy and are actually easier than they look. Two light hoops (preferably poly pro’s) will be needed for this work shop, and if you have 4 that match I have found a couple of moves Id love to pass on.  Gayle is excited to see how you use her moves to transition into other moves that you are already familiar with.


 Anna the Hulagan

Anna the Hulagan is “London’s cult hula hooping artiste” (The Times) !   The founder of the London Hula Hoopers network and You Hoop, a school and community events hoop company, and also co-creator of London Hoop Fest, she has been at the heart of all things hoopy in the UK’s capital!   From performing to teaching adults and children alike, her aim is to get as many people as possible into the magic circle and see just how fun hula hooping can be!

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