London Hoop Fest 2014 is going to be one mega wonderful hoopla frenzy!  WE CAN’T WAIT !!

* Please go to the TICKET page to purchase tickets or email us directly for more info  & 07545499618




We will be gathering in Hyde Park, uniting all spinners great and small for everyone to come and say hello and have a spin with our hoops….open for families, friends, saints and spinners…come one, come all and enjoy the free day in the sun with us….oh, and bring some SUN!  Find us near Hyde Park Corner tube, and right by where the roller skaters get their groove on!  Info to come…



7.30pm – 9.30pm :  Fire Hoop Workshop – learn how to get hot & hoopy, safely and fearlessly !  @ London Fields Park, by Pub on the Park


Please contact us anyway if you are interested as there will be more fire workshops over the summer!



9.30 – 10.30am :  Coffee and Cake Meet and Greet !  Tea, toast and sugary delights await you in the Games Room!

10.30 – 11am :  Move and Massage with Miranda!   Miranda is going to Kick-Start the whole weekend for us with a 30min Street Fit dance and fitness class…so, combined with a mega monstrous soundtrack she will get your bodies bouncing and hips shaking ready for an amazing day of wiggling wonder!  Miranda is also the London Hoop Fest’s official Massage Therapist.  She will be on-site all day Saturday and Sunday offering up massage sessions for £25/30mins or £40/60mins !

Contact her directly at to book your session today!  

Miranda has trained in dance in both London and New York and gives the best massages, with sensual oils and strong hands…plus, she’s really fun and laughs a lot, so she will be perfect amongst us happy hoopers!


1st Class – 11:00 – 12:30 – Henna Matanuska brings a “fierce post-apocalyptic” style to hooping that is totally unique & vibrant – check her performing in Manchester last year:
With her partner Sami Babi Heinikoski, they are bringing CirQmnasticDance to London Hoop Fest 2014 ! This is a duo-circus-hoop class unlike any other you have taken! I first saw them perform together many years ago, and I can only imagine what they are now capable of doing.  Check out their profile on the Teacher’s page for a little info on what you will be learning!


HULAFIT!  11.15-12.15 - Join us for a Pink & Gold themed hula hoop fitness class, with Anna the Hulagan!  Bring Your Core to the Floor and get silly and sweaty as you Spin it to Win it!  London Hoop Fest have decided to bring a one-off HulaFit event to the festival…all LHF ticket holders are welcome to join in if they want, but you can also book on to this class separately from the event as a whole – check out the HulaFit website for more info: 


Lunch – 12:30 – 1:30 – Bring your own pack lunch or there are some places to get food locally !! Don’t fill yourselves up though because the next workshop is going to be MEGA!

2nd Class – 1:30 – 3:00 – Chi Chi Revolver & Miriam Teaching a Hoop Dance Exclusive!  Chi Chi, is, quite simply a spectacularly skilled siren! And, to add a cherry on top of the Chi Chi ice cream, Miriam King, her highly experienced dance teacher Mother will be creating a class exclusively for London Hoop Fest. This will be where you can really learn to fuse hoop with dance from two people utterly dedicated to their craft.


KID’S HULA BOP!  2 – 3.30pm  Bring the Kid’s down for a mega session of Hoop Skills, Hoop Games and a Hoop Disco, just for the youthful one’s! Ages 5yr-12yrs, ONLY £3 per child!  Taught by play facilitators with CRB’s.  Booking is necessary as space is limited, and parents must stay on the premises as there are no crèche facilities.   Contact us directly for more info!

3rd Class – 3:30 – 5:00 – Livi Hoop Little is a master at making all those areas that are ‘hard to get’ seem easy peasy! Think shoulders, think elbows, think heads, think flicks…but don’t think, just learn from this ray of sunshine and by the end of her workshop you will be shoulder rolling and elbow passing with the best of the rest! She really is tip-top…and currently she is in India teaching for Performers without Borders, so this circus-minstrel will be brimming with bundles of hoop and circus-type knowledge to share with us all!

Bollywood Dance Class – 5.45-6.45pm with Thomas Kempf from The Bollywood Co.   Back by Popular Demand is Thomas!  Some of you have met this lovely man at the Dance Hoop Dance event…despite an almost unanimous claim amongst us that we had no coordination, by the end of the session we were all groovin’ our way through a hip-hop routine!  And so we are bringing him back to get us bubbling into the night with a high-energy Bollywood dance class!  No hoops, just your dancin’ feet and hands are needed!

Thomas teaches regularly at London’s Top Dance school, Pineapple Studios and has reached the semi-finals on Got to Dance 2013 !  Check out The Bollywood Co. for more info on him and planet-Bollywood!

Evening: Performance showcase and a hula shake-down – 6.30 – 11pm Get your dancing feet on, and spin the night away!  With a disco room, and a black room for LED hoopla and some roller skating, plus a stage for the hoop performer in YOU … this will be a night of party-tastic hoopiness…but don’t go too hard cos there’s a whole other day to get involved with!!!


9.30am 10.30 – coffee, toast & tea!

10.30 – 11am – Hoop Yoga Stretch!  Stretch and warm yourselves up with a HoopYoga class with Roxie Ridge!  No mats will be provided, so bring your own if you want one!

1st Class 11am – 12.30pm  Gale Francis - Gale will be teaching us an ‘Assortment of Hoop Tricks’! Basically, she knows a lot, and will just dish out trick after trick after trick for you to be inspired by and to take away to perfect and play around with. She lives with Nick Broyd and Steve Bags, and as a trio they are trouble, but man, do they all bounce off each other learn from each other. I first took a Gayle workshop 2 years ago and learnt more in her class than I have done in any other workshop I’ve ever been to. She is seriously fun, funny and a frickin’ good hula hooper…what better way to start the Sunday?

Lunch – 12:30 – 1:30 – Bring your own pack lunch or there are some places to get food locally !!

2nd Class – 1:30 – 3:00 – Bree Kirk-Burnnand – Teaching a glorious Group Choreography Routine. Bree only discovered hoop in 2012, she made herself known to us at the first London Hoop Fest, and now she is a full-time hoop teacher and performer. She was Marawa the Amazing’s right-hand hoop lady when she was with the Majorette’s, and now she has her own hoop-business in West London. Her class will be about bringing us altogether for a lesson in group choreography, and, at the end, we will be as one, performing her delightful routine of cheeky burlesque-esque cicus hoop-tastic-ness!

Break 3:00 – 3:30

3rd Class – 3:30 – 5:00 – Amy HoopLovin Guerrier teaching Hoop Revelations ! Amy, otherwise known as ‘the smiliest hooper on the planet’, will be coming to London Hoop Fest with more smiles and more skill than you can shake a hoop at. She is a self-taught multi-hoop wonder. She came to the first London Hoop Fest in 2012, and now, by 2014 is performing for one of the UK’s most acclaimed event’s agencies. She is certainly an inspiration to have around, and jubilantly joyful about everything! Come and revel and revolve your hoop with Little Miss HoopLovin !

Ticket Prices -

Saturday Day Pass – £65
Sunday Day Pass – £65
Weekend Pass – £100
Weekend Pass + Friday Fire Class £110



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